Friday, August 9, 2013

First screenshots of my kids app "Fly with Arnold - Africa". Having some problems with some of the interactive programming tho! I am having to learn a whole new discipline and it doesn't always go the way you want it to! Now I just need an iPad to test this on. You would think I would have one already!

The plane for Arnold to fly.  I went with the softer colour outline instead of the black.  The black was just a bit too strong and didn't fit well onto the background.

Here is the background for page1.  Started with the layout of 1, then with a bit of feedback from others, settled on no2.  Def think it works better now.

Here we go with the main pilot character. I want all the characters to be animals. I have 3 ideas for the main character so far. Any feedback on them is welcome? I have a feeling I mite go for the Aardvark.

I've been working on my first book app for kids. It's a personal project, I will be selling on the Apple store, and then Android. Mostly for iPad size tablets. It will be very interactive and some animations.

This is my first rough. The main character is a pilot, that fly's his little craft around the globe.