Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well, it's been far to long since I posted here! I have been very busy working on getting iPhone and iPad games going, and finally found 2guys locally, that are looking to do the same thing.  I have done a few games for overseas clients, one in Australia, one in USA, 2 in SA, and busy with a guy in Italy.  But I have been wanting to get my own games made up, and sold.  I met with 2 guys who are programmers and want to do the same thing.  So we have been brainstorming some ideas, and have two that we have started working on.  The first is a Math's game, I don't want to give away too much on that, but I will be uploading images of the work in progress as I go.  These are of the main character, a futuristic Einstein.  I still have to get him animated, into an "attack" pose, then he goes back to the rest pose.  Also will have to create a "win" pose.  So far this is looking good.  We have 10 characters for the player to choose from, all leading up to the final strongest character, Einstein. You can follow our progress on here or the other two guys blogs    and

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ok, it's been way to long! But I have been very busy with a side project, that I would like to showcase here!
 I have been working on a short graphic novel with 7 other great illustrators, through a website illopond. We got together to produce a Steampunk book, were each illustrator had to write and illustrate their own 8page story.  It was tuff at first doing this on the side while trying to make a living! But the guys I worked with were a great support, and would regularly help each other with advice and updates!  It's actually amazing how well it worked out, considering we are all situated in different country's with different timezones! The book is "8 a Steampunk Anthology" and can be purchased here .  I have added a few pages and adds below. So rush on over and order a massive pile!! Please!!